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Workers' Cooperatives: Businesses that make a product, or offer a service, to sell for profit where the workers are members or worker-owners.
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American capitalism has failed the working class.

There may be a better way for workers to earn a living, with respect, and having input into how the company is run: Cooperatives.

There's NO justification for CEOs being paid hundreds of times more than the average worker. There's no moral justification to cut the workforce just so a corporation can give more money to its stockholders. There is no logical reason why workers should not have a voice in how the company is run. Cooperatives address all these issues, for the benefit of the worker-owners.

Setting up a coop is not easy, and it takes time (and money). Coop owners cannot expect to get rich overnight. But if they all work together, for the good of the coop, it can result in a successful and profitable business, run by and for the employees.

This site is non-profit, non-commercial, intended to promote the formation of cooperatives and offer information about how to establish a cooperative.

Your participation is important. Please participate at the forum or offer your comments at the comments section.

If you have suggestions, please contact me.

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